The AK-47 is a lightweight, gas-operated, air cooled assault rifle that has been around for decades. The original design was created in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov and is still being produced today.
This weapon is used in many different countries across the world as its military grade quality makes it an excellent choice for any army. While this gun can be intimidating to those who have never seen one before, with some training anyone can read how to use it!
In this guide we will go over all of the basics you need to know about using an AK 47 and red dot sight during combat more info here situations.

What are the steps to follow?
To use AK-47 you have to:
• Insert the magazine
• Ensure there is ammunition in it. You can use different types of ammo, but make sure you load enough rounds before battle!
• Slide the safety switch to “SAFE” position
• Pull back and release the charging handle all the way up (called “racking”)
• Aim for your target by aligning red dot sight on top with front sites
You have many more steps once you are firing: keep finger off trigger until ready to shoot, aim at desired target that has been confirmed as a dangerous threat then pull trigger gently while aiming down sights, wait through recoil after shot fired so gun will return to aimed position, scan environment for any other threats or targets, observe for any changes in the environment
Once you have unloaded your magazine and there is no more ammo left then slide safety switch to “SAFE” position. It’s important to keep this weapon safe when not firing! Get more info here at
Some common mistakes made include: forgetting to rack charging handle before shooting, loading rounds incorrectly (sometimes called “misfeeds”) or if using a wrong type of ammunition with an AK47. You also should never use muzzle as a handhold while holding gun up – it creates too much recoil and reduces accuracy!