thes palace usa (palais des thes usa) is a unique tea company based in Paris, France in 1987. It has just 45 tea shops in France, Japan, Ireland, Norway, Belgium and Germany now. The company prides itself in specializing in commercialization and direct tea sourcing for over 200 unique and exotic teas and tea gifts. It also processes many types of nuts, raisins, sultanas and confections from around the world. Some of the most popular flavors are: French Vanilla, Moroccan Mint, Caribbean Coral and French Vanilla with hints of rum, licorice and milk.

“Palais Des Theses” was founded by Dominique Laporta and runs a small factory out of his home. He has basically taken the Japanese approach to tea and turned it on its head. For instance instead of just offering green tea, he also offers white, black and oolong teas. He also offers chocolate truffles, which are a speciality of his because they are made with real cocoa. He also offers confections such as the famous chocolate “Pamplemousses” that is made in the shape of an actual cake.

One of the most popular items in this shop is their “tea tins”. These are tins of a variety of interesting shapes, like a melon, fish, starfish, heart, wing, octopus etc. which are actually made of chocolate. If you like a really unusual treat, there is even a small range of tins that are shaped like old-fashioned telephone numbers. All of these tasty treats come in small porcelain tins that are available in various colors and prices, and you can even order them custom.