The trust of the territorial taste
The crafted organic chianti wine (vino chianti biologico) lead to an experience of a lifetime for the visitors. People come to Italy for all sorts of experiences and wine tasting is the primary one. The people stay true to their territorial taste and that way they can offer a unique experience for the visitors looking to experience it.
The large collections of wines
At montemaggio, there are producers of large collections of different sorts of wines. This way the people of all palates can be catered to. The wine collections could have been enjoyed by someone who is just trying out and also by someone who is an expert in the field.
The essence of the montemaggio culture
There is a specialty in making the chianti Classico wines by montemaggio. They are the wine for which their territory is known. This wine taste is the classic wine taste for which the people know the territory of montemaggio. It is the essence of their culture.
The summer wines
There is also another addition to the collection of wine over and above the chianti Classico. They are also the producers of summer wines. These wines are known to be enjoyed in the summers. They are made up of grappa and olive oil.
Crafting with the artisan products
The artisan products used in the making are selected very carefully. These products are then well crafted with the experience of years to curate a once in a lifetime unique experience for the visitors.