Chennai is the second city on the western tip of India famous for IT sector and it also boasts of one among the best English-speaking cities in the country, which further contributes to the country’s popularity as an IT hub. So if you are planning to set up an IT or BPO company there is no dearth of suitable locations in Chennai that will suit your requirements and business aspirations. In fact, as per industry experts, Chennai is considered to be a major tourist destination spot with over one million tourists visiting the city annually. The growth and development of this city have witnessed a parallel rise in demand for Company registration in chennai as well.

There are several options available for entrepreneurs looking for company registration in Chennai. First and foremost, they can opt for the conventional options of registration such as that of Limited Liability Company (LLC) or that of Corporation. However, if talk about minimum requirements then you require only the 2 shareholders to open a private limited company in Chennai but if you’re self-reliant then you may include your spouse or relatives on the papers too.
On the other hand, if you’re looking for a complete package such as the incorporation of a business name, its management, meeting of creditors, etc., then you may like to consider Trademark Registration in Chennai or Patent Registration in Chennai, as both these services are offered by different authorities at the federal and state level. The trademark registration in Chennai can give you the much needed protection from foreign generic companies and from fraudulent foreign agents that often try to forge Indian trademarks. It can even give you the necessary edge over local players in the field of intellectual property rights.
Then, if you’re looking for Company registration in Chennai and have no money to spare for its registration, you may like to consider Interested Persons’ Company Registration in Chennai or Individualized Registration of Company (IRICOT) from the Chennai Office. This is a simple process of submitting Memorandum of Association along with the prescribed fee to the concerned authority. You’ll also be required to provide the prescribed information such as the names of all the original shareholders and directors of the concerned company and its capital and shareholdings.
The best way to achieve company registration in Chennai is to utilize the services of any good online registration firm that will not only save time for business owners but will also save on cost. There are many reputed service providers in India like Registered Office and Service India that offer affordable registration services to all types of businesses. These service providers to help business owners achieve their company registration in Chennai without having to spend even a single cent. Moreover, their website will make the entire registration procedure simple, convenient and easy for anyone to understand and navigate.
Online registration also allows the business owner to get full access to all the benefits of company registration in Chennai. This includes the benefit of getting a company registration in Chennai and also the facility of obtaining annual compliance certificate. Annual compliance certificate is a document issued by the authorities to ensure that the private limited company complies with all the norms laid down in the law. If your company does not comply with the norms, it will not be able to operate in the open market. For this, it is essential to have an annual compliance certificate from the concerned authorities and then proceed with the registration. This will also serve as a proof for the authorities to take action against any case of illegal company formation in the future.