It could be that, you are not going to do it straight away when the economic collapse hits, but you should be ready to cut out anything which might seem to be unnecessary. If you happen to get your monthly expenses which are recurring as low as you can, you will find it less difficult when it comes to paying bills when you are in a tight situation as far as money is concerned.
You should start by looking at the structure of your budget and find out where you could be spending currently a lot of money than it is necessary. It could be that you are paying a monthly fee for your checking account which you can explore and switch to a bank which offers free checking system. If you have a landline that you might be paying for and you rarely use it, you can do away with it or switch to a rate of emergency which is a lower plan. It is possible to get ways in which to cut your costs to save on money.
It might be that you are having a habit of allowing the air conditioner or the heater to run when you are away from home or having to leave the lights on in your rooms even when you are not using them. You could trim on your utility bills. It could be the right time of shopping around for insurance rates which are lower and finding out if you can be able to cancel out some insurance types like car insurance in case you are in an emergency situation. There are some insurance companies which could give you an extension and thus you have to know the steps involved and go for it.