In some areas, Fire Watch Services are offered by professional companies. In other instances, these that do offer such services do not typically have a regularly available staff to fill temporary needs. Fire watch regulations vary by jurisdiction. Depending on where the services are offered, how often a fire watch will be conducted and for how long varies as well. In a few instances, jurisdictions require fire watch crews to patrol the affected areas for at least 30 minutes prior to the actual arrival of a fire truck.
If a fire watch service is offered by a company, then the specifics will vary. When a private company offers these types of services, it is generally for a nominal fee. The fees will depend on what the service provider offers, whether they are needed for special events, and what the area is considered to be like. Typically a fire watch patrol is only needed for hours or a day at a time.
If a private company does offer patrol services, then they will typically send a member of their fire department along with a trained employee of theirs. Once the person arrives on scene, the firefighters will usually go from one fire hydrant to another, and in some cases from one apartment building to another. This will allow for thorough fire suppression.
If a private company does offer a fire watch service, it is likely that there will also be an employee of the fire department that will go alongside the patrol. This person will be responsible for communicating with the firefighters, and for reporting any of the potential fire hazards that they see. Ideally, the employee will be located within the same department as the firefighters, or at least within the same city.
As for where in a town or city a fire department should be located, that will vary depending on a number of factors. Some areas have certain geographical factors that make them more susceptible to fire outbreaks. For example, if there are multiple high rises in an area, there is increased likelihood that a fire will break out in those buildings. That said, most towns and cities are not built in such a way that would allow for a company to conduct these types of services without involving the local fire department. Therefore, a private company will have to provide its own resources if it wishes to offer these types of services.
In short, fire departments can often provide greater benefits when it comes to public safety. While some people may criticize them for lacking the ability to put out small fires on their own, they are still capable of putting out fires that break out in buildings, and they do this every day. That being said, it is important for a private company to offer fire watches if it wants to remain competitive within the business. After all, the more services a company provides, the more customers it will receive, and this means more money for each member of its customer base.