A “Fire Watch” is a sign posted on homes and businesses to warn of any potential fire hazards. These signs are placed by firefighters and law enforcement personnel for the safety and protection of public safety. Signs are used to notify and alert the public about any potential fire hazards. If there is ever a fire or emergency situation however, Fire Watch Guards will not be sufficient to keep guests and residents safe. In order to properly prepare for and protect yourself and your family from a fire, you must learn what to look for at a fire watch.

The purpose of a warning sign is to give anyone an idea as to what to do in the case of a fire emergency. Although most people are used to seeing fire warning signs during severe weather or when buildings are burning down, fire watch signs should be put up all over the area and not just in or near the immediate area of the fire. The reason for this is that the general public is usually not aware as to what to do in the case of a fire. If they were however, fire watch guards would be placed at specific locations so that they can be reached by residents.
Fire watch signs should be durable and long lasting. Signs that are made of paper will begin to fall apart after several years of use. Another issue to consider is the fact that many people do not take the time to read these signs carefully or even realize that they are there. Therefore, even if you are putting up the sign yourself, it is important to have somebody read it or have a trained person to inspect it on a regular basis so that it remains effective and useful.
When choosing your sign, you should look for one that is large enough to attract attention and that will stand out from other signs in the area. A large, bright color is the best choice as this will catch the attention of anyone passing by your home or business. In addition, you should choose words or phrases on your sign that concisely state what you hope to accomplish with the information displayed. Your safety goal and the goals of your organization should be clearly indicated on the sign.
Having the proper signs in place can provide an added layer of protection around your home. Since fire watches are a proactive way to ensure that your home or business is protected against fire risks, having these signs in place can help prevent arson attempts or a rash of break-ins. As well, if you have neighbors or friends who wish to sign up for a fire watch, displaying their sign outside of your home can help to encourage others to do the same. It is important to remind everyone that a fire watch is in place so that no one thinks twice about leaving home for any reason to protect your property and ensure the safety of loved ones.
Fire watch signs should also be posted at outdoor events such as cookouts and barbecues. Many families like to invite guests over for the holidays and these gatherings can quickly turn sour if someone is not watching out for the house. When the children begin to play and the parents are not watching over the house, it is easy for children to get a hold of a hot casserole dish or other kitchen item and eat it before they are let inside the house. In addition, having the fire watch sign out can help deter would-be arsonists or criminals from approaching your home to conduct their evil plans. A sign is very easy to put up and can create a positive atmosphere around your property while still adding a layer of security and safety for your family and guests.