A sociable game often referred as Wakata sepak which literally means “ordinary game”. Literally interpreted, this indicates”common ball”. This match is normally played in between two teams in a football field. The principles of this sport are very straightforward and simple to follow. 2 teams are placed on opposite surfaces of the industry using just about every team given 30 minutes to play. Each crew rotates every single player as soon as each and every quarter hour, so that there is a change from the playing employees.

The sport of techno (tekno) was embraced by most folks in East Timor and now it is commonly played other sections of Indonesia like Jakarta and Surabaya. The state title of the sport is Techno (tekno) which translates to”ball in hand”. Thus, within this case, sepak (chunk ) will come first after bola (stick). In the language, football (sepakbola) suggests”a spherical ball used for football”. Bola sepak virtually indicates”a hand ball”. As we can seethe game of football (sepakbola) has progressed throughout time plus distinct teams have adopted it as their federal team sport.

The match of football (sepakbola) is Comparable to American soccer but using a Few versions. In Gaelic soccer, the discipline is divided into segments and the goal is located at the center of this field. Both the attacking and defensive teams engage in a rectangular field of the field called’bandung’. By means of techno (tekno) (chunk )players kick the ball round from the’bandung’ and attempt to handle, throw or take it towards their own competitors purpose.