In the financial world, you can trade several assets and make money out of the process using some brokerages and exchanges out there. The technology has helped in the development of such options. If you read an IC Markets Review, you can get to know about a brokerage providing financial services in the following verticals of financial trading.

Forex trading – In this type of trading, you will trade on the difference between the exchange rates of the foreign currencies. You can speculate and bet on any of the foreign exchanges and wait for the specified duration to see whether your speculation is right. If so, you can win the trade and the money. An example would be the trade happening with the US dollar from outside of the country.
Stock market trading – You can find stock exchanges in all countries that will list various companies in the country that have gone public. If a company is operating as a public company, its shares would be available for buying and selling in the market. A share is nothing but a part of the ownership of the company. Depending on the size of the company’s shares, the share’s value will differ. You can buy a share by paying its price at the moment you wish to buy. You can sell these shares whenever you want at the price at that moment.
Cryptocurrency trading – Cryptocurrency is becoming popular in recent days and it is working in the trading sector also. You can buy and sell crypto coins directly with the help of cryptocurrency trading markets. You would have to use a specific trading platform to do this. You will have an option to use the CFD method of trading and trade the contracts speculating the price movement of the cryptocurrencies.