Being a mentor is mostly about role modeling, having listening ears and giving encouragement. The most important goal of the mentor is to help and build mentees who will be able to contribute positively to the community. It also entails the mentor committing to the lives of the mentees and being responsiblefor them which will not only be a life-changing experience but also a very rewarding one.

On the reward part, it doesn’t take long to help change a child’s perspective and also helping them realize their full potential which has a transformative effect on their life and yours.
The Jewish Travel of Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kosher Travel is an example of a mentorship mentee organization/establishment. Jewish mentors of Kosher Travelisa highly valued community where interesting people are met, interacted with and impactful relationships are made and formed.
They have been matching Jewish mentors also known as ‘Bigs’ to Jewish mentees also known as ‘Littles’ for a very long time now. The mentors vary from age 21 upwards while the Littles vary from age 6 to 17.
The programme can also be a long timethings depending on the needs of the Littles. This means that they are not just left alone after sometimes but monitored for a long time till they are confident and can stand on their own.
Benefits of Mentorship Programme
• Mentees get to meet interesting people with similar interests.
• Mentees get to live up to their full potentials boldly and with confidence.
• Both mentor and mentee get to experience life-changing experiencesthat shape their lives for the better.
• Mentees get to increase school engagement and also have good self-esteem.
• It helps to attain stronger social skills, great concerns for others and reduce risky and immoral behaviours.
In all, the Jewish mentor Kosher Travelprogram tends to the needs of Littles and also matches them with unique mentors with similar preferences, interests and tastes.